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heart healing


Matrix Energetics®

The Yuen Method

Neurovascular Integration

The Upledger Institute. CranioSacral Therapy.

Mastering Alchemy.  This site has many free audio archives teaching, among 
other things, the Basic Tools to assist you in managing your mental and 
emotional states.

Quantum Entrainment®

Lucy PringleBeautiful crop circle photos, including the one at the right.

Sacred Geometry

Tropical Traditions. Top quality coconut oil.

The Aromatherapy Place/Auroma Oils. Excellent quality essential oils.

Young Living Essential Oils

Dr. Schulze. Organic and wildcrafted herbal products.

FruitFast®. Tart Cherry Concentrate.

Celtic Sea Salt®. Full spectrum healthy salt.

ZRT Laboratory. Saliva testing. Excellent information. Also top quality saliva testing services, directly accessible to non-professionals in fifty states.

Body Support Systems™. Bodycushions for comfort, especially for the spine, pregnancy, and full-size bust.

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