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Comments on Stephanie's Massage and Energywork

“Stephanie Andersen has been a wonderful massage therapist that I have been seeing
since September 1998.  I have greatly benefited from her insight, expertise and
endless wealth of knowledge.  She is bright, caring and puts in long, productive hours
because she cares so deeply about her clients.  She exudes professionalism and
upholds the highest level of integrity and commitment to this career she loves so
deeply.” —Julia C.

"I was on my back with unbearable sciatica and unable to sleep for three weeks.  In
the very first BodyTalk treatment, a specific unresolved grief from fifteen years ago
came up, that finally expressed itself in the muscles of my hip, and demanded resolution
through this unrelenting pain.  After one session the pain became bearable.  After five
sessions, the sciatica is gone!"  —James R.

"I just woke up after sleeping for 7.5 hours straight, on my right side, which I was never able to do before because of the pain [since the surgery 8 years ago] ... I woke up pain free! I am feeling better, and I know it's because of all the hands on and remotetreatments.”  —Claudia B.

"It's unbelievable.  The magic you have is just phenomenal.  I woke up today with good range of motion, my pain level is at a one, and I have not had to use the sling.  It's like night and day, from yesterday to today."  —Cindy W.
"Two days after my very first BodyTalk session, my shingles, which hadn’t opened yet, but were very red and fiery, became pale and were drying up.  The outbreak was completely resolved in two appointments.  I was spared tremendous pain that could have lasted for months."  —David S.

"I had problems with my foot that I thought were stemming from plantar fasciitis and an unsuccessful Morton’s Neuroma surgery.  After receiving many different therapies, I went to Stephanie for BodyTalk.  Through her muscle-testing, she discovered a small scar that was on one of the meridians going into the foot. The entire foot pain from that almost invisible scar disappeared in two BodyTalk appointments!"  —Julia C.

"I started getting BodyTalk therapy five years after I became a quadrapelegic in a car accident.  I now am the self-proclaimed BodyTalk Poster Boy!  My aides say they can’t keep up with me…my energy is exploding, my mood elevated, and my enjoyment in life is soaring, as well as a marked increase in my flexibility and dexterity, not to mention I can now breathe more easily."  —Leon L.

“Ever since my last appointment with you, where you Reikied my ears and we cleared so much out energetically, I've been consistently hearing much better —every day since then!  I received that new hearing tech device I had ordered, but haven't needed to even try it out!”  —G. M.

“I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your care and love in my treatments.”  —K. R.

Comments on Stephanie’s Workshop Teaching

“WOW! What a powerful and meaningful experience.  I am still digesting all the incredible energy and wisdom.  This workshop the three of you taught not only was a validation for me but also was life-altering.”  —Susie C.

“Congratulations, and way to go!  Your workshop was a HUGE success!  I'm truly so impressed and appreciative of the generous amount of effort and valuable information you made available.  It must have been a very large task to narrow down so much into the clear, concise models you all presented.  Those handouts are treasures for all to have.  Your dedication and love shone all throughout the day.  Many thanks for a delightful, rewarding time!” 
—Gwen M.

"I’ve continued to tone since the seminar, as you suggested, and my neck hasn’t felt this good in a year. This is wonderful…I’m speechless."  —Kara Y.

In each of these testamonials, please recognize that it is the client’s body that is healing itself, and that the facilitator is only a bystander and an observer. This site is for informational and educational purposes and does not provide medical advice, or medical or psychological claims or promises.  The website is not a substitute for the information and care provided by your physician, pharmacist, and other health care professionals.