stephanie andersen
heart healing
About Stephanie

Consistently attentive, nurturing and enthusiastic about her work, Stephanie is focused on honoring your needs.  She draws upon a wealth of wisdom in health care and prevention to attend to your concerns.

Stephanie insightfully uses a discerning blend of skills in her practice.  She has dedicated more than twenty years to studying a variety of healing arts including Therapeutic Massage, CranioSacral Therapy, Reiki, Shiatsu Kiko, ElectroAccupoint Stimulation, Aromatherapy, Thai Massage, manual and energetic Lymph Drainage, NeuroMuscular Therapy, BodyTalk, Reconnective Healing, the Yuen Method of Energetic Corrections, Matrix Energetics®, and Mastering Alchemy.
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Capable of deep listening and presence, Stephanie discerns the thread that runs through all the symptoms or story, to unlock the core of the manifested imbalance. 

With passion and clarity, Stephanie brings her clients to a greater sense of inner-balance, wellbeing, and mastery.  She joyfully empowers and inspires others to create profound healing and lasting transformations.